Space-saving Marquee Gazebos

Special events and occasions demand venue space. However, getting creative with limited space during special events and other outdoor activities is a challenging task.

Yet, a perfect solution is provided by marquee gazebos. The varied shapes, sizes, designs, and colours of marquee gazebos make them the best option for limited spaces.

The ground space provided by open activities such as weddings, sales events, and more are sometimes limited. Making the most of the restricted space can be achieved with the right size marquee gazebo.

Convenient space

Using a gazebo marquee provides convenient space in small areas. People can still gather to look at your product or in the case of weddings, create different areas for dancing, drinks, and dining. The use of a dividing curtain can create a convenient barrier within the marquee gazebo quickly and easily.

“Hang-out” space

Marquee gazebos used for parties can quickly create a “hang-out” space for guests to chat and relax. Friends can quickly catch up on the latest news while enclosed in the private space provided by a marquee gazebo.

Elderly members of the family can be assigned their gazebo marquee away from the noise and overwhelming presence of guests. Planning the set-up of several marquee gazebos sizes easily creates a festive atmosphere for all guests and members of the family.

Bar area

A separate bar area can be achieved with the use of a small marquee gazebo. This can be placed in a quieter area, away from the general hubbub of the affair. Other separate spaces can be created by marquee gazebos to display products, presents, or food buffet.

The versatility of marquee gazebos instantly provides a festive environment for all sorts of occasions.

Temporary stage

A temporary stage underneath a marquee gazebo makes it the ideal choice for sales conferences, live band or a DJ. Doing it this way allows attendees to see the action from any part of the gathering. Hiring marquee gazebos is an inexpensive way of celebrating social gatherings in small spaces.

Creative opportunities

Marquee gazebos allow opportunities to get your creative juices flowing. You can establish a colour and design scheme to go with the special event. For instance, hanging decorations such as chandeliers or coloured lanterns instantly provide a fashionable and elegant environment. Using potted plants or favourite flowers are also decorative ideas to provide a greenery space suitable for every occasion.

Lighting accents

Several types of lighting accents used in marquee gazebos instantly convey the message you want to put across. For instance, fairy lights and chandeliers provide a more subdued atmosphere.

During trade shows, a spotlight within your marquee gazebo is the right way of highlighting the products to attract the attention of visitors. For weddings, using dimmers in the marquee gazebo creates a romantic ambience suitable for the occasion.


Why marquee gazebos are the perfect option


The interchangeable way of using the term marquee and gazebo often confuses people. In the past, gazebos and marquees were two different pieces of equipment.

Today’s scenario has combined the best features of gazebos and marquees to provide fabric walls and roof while still a portable folding structure. Using marquee gazebos for a variety of purposes from sales booths, promotional activities and even weddings have made them the most popular option.

A marquee gazebo can either be purchased outright or rented. Look for a reliable supplier who can’t promptly provide one for you at a cost you can afford.

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