Solar Installers

In Lismore, a solar panel system can spare you cash in two key ways. First, it can help you to decrease the measure of energy you have to buy from the electricity power supplier. Grid power is costly – around 25c/kWh in the Northern Rivers area. Every unit of solar energy that you utilise yourself is one less unit that you need to purchase.

Secondly, solar feed-in levies will give you credits on your bill. A solar feed-in levy is the sum you are paid for solar energy that you don’t utilise yourself. Nowadays, solar feed-in rates are around 10-16c/kWh in the Lismore zone. While these rates may not be as high as what you can spare by utilising the energy yourself, they assume a significant part in helping families decrease their power bills.

The Solar Giants

The installers of solar panels in Lismore are as follows:

  1. Nickel Energy: Nickel Energy is fully accredited and you see them in Lismore providing solar panel installation services. With 10 years of experience in the field of energy installations, the company has made a name for itself in Lismore.
  2. 888 Solar Tek is another great solar panel installer. They are located in Lismore. This solar energy giant has a focus on solar energy equipment supply and installation. They are doing great work in Lismore as testified by the many reviews they have received from various clients. The company is also a leader in affordable and qualitative solar technology, and they bring energy to clients and customers at a very low price. This company also specialise in hybrid solar, off grid, and grid connect, both for home and commercial.
  3. Percept Renewable Energy Services: When talking about solar installers in Lismore, Percept Renewable Energy Services also comes to mind. They are local installers and suppliers of commercial and home solar systems. Their experience in this field is great because they have been doing the work for many years.
  4. Solar Panel Systems: This is also another great solar company that offers quality and top first-class solar panels and lithium ion batteries and inverters. The solar consultants in the company are top-notch. Their electricians are always on the ground to help clients minimise their electricity usage. While clients get this reduction in cost, they also get the amazing benefits of using the solar system to drive the energy in their home. The company also prides itself on being an expert in ensuring the safety and health of their clients in every service they offer. Solar Panel Systems also offers a bonus to clients and customers by carrying out energy audits for them, thereby identifying the future cost savings for the client’s or customer’s business or home.

Indeed, it is time for many houses and businesses to switch to solar energy as it reduces costs in the long run and helps society reduce the effects of climate change. These great solar installers in Lismore are on hand to help.

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