Prevention and Causes of Blocked Drains in Melbourne

One of the nuisance things that can happen to a home is blocked drains. If detected early, blocked drains can be easily dealt with before it causes serious damages such as overflows and leaks.

In Melbourne, knowing the causes of blocked drains can prevent them from happening in the first place. However, when it happens, calling in expert plumbers for blocked drains Melbourne is the best remedy.

Causes of Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is caused by a myriad of factors, to include:

Outside or indoor drain

Tree roots and dead leaves are likely to cause a build-up in your pipes if the drain is outside. When this happens, the flow of water is stopped by the barrier caused by the dead leaves and other debris.

Heavy objects or materials such as paper towels and sanitary products being flushed down the drain are the chief causes for indoor blocked drains. Some of the culprits that can block drains include hair, tissues, and wipes.

Drains of the toilet, kitchen or bathroom

The things you flush down the toilet can clog your drains. Tissues, sanitary products, and baby wipes should be thrown in a bin instead of flushing them down the toilet.

The grease, debris, and food particles from your washer and sink can block kitchen drains. Calling a professional plumber is the best way to remove any significant blockages of kitchen drains.

Blocked Drains Preventive Measures

Prevention is still the best thing to do. Blockages can be prevented from happening by changing some of the daily routines. Blocked drains can cause a lot of unpleasant things to happen in the home, to include:

  • Electrical fittings and wiring damages
  • Cause leaks in ceilings, walls, and roofs
  • Disgusting smelling water

Outdoor drainage

Clearing garden waste, leaves, debris, and foliage can prevent them from washing into your outdoor drain. Outdoor drain blockage can be prevented by regularly sweeping the garden and putting the leaves in a compost heap. Regular yard cleaning is the best way to prevent outdoor drain blockage.

The services of a professional drainage engineer may be needed when the outside drainage blockage becomes a big problem. The techniques and equipment used by a drainage expert will enable him to see the cause as well as unblock the things that are preventing the flow of water. The drainage expert will also be able to give you a few tips to prevent the blockage to happen again.


The regular monitoring of waste that goes down on your kitchen drains is the smartest way to prevent them from getting blocked. Foods should be scraped off dishes to prevent them from going down the drain. Detergents and soaps that can effectively break down oil and grease are the best to use.

Grease should be poured into a container and not down the drain. If you accidentally pour hot grease down the drain, blast it immediately with cold water to solidify it. This could prevent the grease from coating your pipes and create a blockage.


Hair can quickly gather and block your bathroom drains. Flushing down wipes and sanitary products can jam the pipes and cause an overflow. Excessive use of toilet paper can also block drains.

It’s better to call in the experts for all your blocked drain problems. DIY drain jobs can cause structural damages, costing you more. Get your blocked drains in Melbourne fixed quickly.

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