House Inspections Melbourne

Before you buy a home make sure you get it checked by a home inspection officer in Melbourne. The main objection which most people have is that buying a home I already an expense why should you add another expense to it? The reason is that getting a home inspection has its own benefits.

What are home inspections?

Home inspections re important because they provide you as a buyer to identify any major issues with the house you are about to purchase. The home inspection could be used as a contingency in your contract with the seller. The contingency allows you to back out of the sale agreement if the condition of the house is not what you expected. However it should be done in a limited time frame.

Realtors also include home inspections clauses in a contract. In a new home construction all of the following are to be inspected for defects.

  • The foundations of a home should be thoroughly checked because once the concrete is poured in it’s almost not possible to do anything about it.
  • Checking the underlying structure before the dry wall is layered
  • A complete home inspections consists of a walk in inspection of the whole house

How does a home inspector work?

Home inspectors have varied degrees of experience. However, all of them are expected to inspect certain areas of the home to rule out any potential problems which might arise.

A typical house inspection in Melbourne could last around three hours or so and it’s necessary for you to be present during the inspection. This is because the home inspector would talk to you about the findings they have made and also give suggestions on how these can be resolved.

Also any flaws which are uncovered always make more sense when you see those in person. The inspector would point out the following.

  • An issue which they detect could either be a safety issue, a minor or a major issue
  • Point out items which need to replaced or repaired
  • Items which show no major problem yet but should be observed closely

The right home inspector would advise you on routine inspections which would help maintain your new home.

The home inspector would check the exterior as well as the interior portion of the home. The walls would be checked for the appearance of cracks. They would determine whether it’s just the outer paint covering or something which goes much deeper.

Also they would check for the appearance of presence of pest within a home. Some homes are infested with wood louse and other such wood destroying pest. Also a rat infestation and cockroach infestation could also cause problems with the wiring in a home.

Once the inspection is complete the inspector would generate a report based on their findings. If you find the problems too much or a great deal of repair work is involved, you can also choose to walk out of the contract. Plus if the repair work is minor yet extensive you could either ask the home owner to rectify it or lower the price of the home.

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