Hiring the best Wollongong Removalists

Moving out of a home is so easy to say. Yet, in reality, it’s one of the most stressful and hardest things to do. However, packing, transporting, and unpacking can become safer, convenient, and more manageable with the best Wollongong removalists.

Getting the best there is in the removals industry needs some savvy tips, to include:

Scout around

Scouting around does not mean going online and go with the first ones that pop up. You will fare better when you go with the list of accredited removalists given by the AFRA or Australian Furniture Removers Association.

The removalists near your area need a closer look as well. While the price could sometimes sway your judgement, it is worth thinking that cheaper rates do not mean that the removalist offers better services.

Things like customer reviews, number of staff, and years of experience should be carefully considered.

Make a budget

It’s time to make a budget after you’ve narrowed down your search to at least three removalist companies. Remember that these chosen removalists should conform to the timing and services you want. Are you going to let the removalists pack for you or are going to pack your possessions by yourself? This is one of the crucial questions to base your budget on.

Ask questions

Contact your shortlisted removalist companies and ask pertinent questions such as hourly cost, distance charges, transportation/mileage, insurance, etc. Answers to these questions will help you determine the right removalist to go for.

Discuss specific instructions

Once you’ve chosen the removalist company, it’s time to discuss specific instructions, to include:

  • Packing special items such as China wares, antiques, glass, paintings, and other valuable stuff
  • Their experience in handling and moving hard objects such as a piano
  • Their method of dismantling items such as huge wardrobes, beds, and other furniture
  • Their way of handling and packing carpets, drapes, and curtains
  • Their method of moving gym equipment, electronics, and appliances
  • Discuss the new house’s floor plan as a way to help the removalists place your possessions in the right rooms

Making sure about your insurance

Does your insurance cover moving out? Are the contents of your home insured? Is your insurance coverage up-to-date? What about the insurance of the removalists? Do they cover damage done to your valuables?

Planning your move also means doing your homework. The only way you can sit back, relax, and look forward to your life in a new environment is to plan well.

Check if the removalist includes moving items to storage

Some removalists offer services such as door-to-door collection and delivery of storage vaults. This is a great service a removalist can offer if you’re thinking of putting up some of your valuables for storage.

Find out about their complaints policy

Try as we might, things can go wrong when we least expect it. It is, therefore, a prudent idea to ask about the complaints policy of the removalist company. Arming yourself with the proper documentation should things go south is smart. Ask also about the company’s delay policy.

Finding a good removalist company often depends on what you want and need and not the most popular ones that pop up during your search. Hire the leading removalists in Wollongong to make your transition into your home stress-free.

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