Carpet Cleaning in Bundaberg

Of all the furnishings that are available in a home, a carpet is amongst the most important. Carpets make the house look nice, and it’s for this reason that they ought to be kept clean.  When clean, carpets are good looking. Unfortunately, carpets are good at catching that.

Dirty carpets taint the general appearance of a room. Whether you decide to hire cleaning services personnel or decide on cleaning it by yourself, it is always a good idea to keep the carpet clean.

Once set on the floor,  a carpet needs to be taken care of by regular vacuum cleaning and by use of stain removal chemicals to prevent the accumulation of dust inside the fibres that make up the carpet.

One piece of equipment that is easy to use for cleaning a carpet is the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner sucks out dust and other solid particles from the carpet.


Ways of cleaning

General cleaning

This method applies to the general method of cleaning. It involves the use of powdered dirt remover soap.  General cleaning depends on the type of carpet and instructions that the manufacturers have set for the cleaning procedure.


Another alternative method of conducting general cleaning is steaming.  This method is the most suitable and is recommended highly.  Dirt which includes dust, grease, etc. is brought to the surface and then dislodged before staining.


Removal of spots

This cleaning procedure is usually conducted to cause an immediate reaction to a stain caused by a spill before it becomes permanent. One ought to be careful when using stain removal chemicals.  Wrong chemicals that are not recommended may cause the spill to spread on the carpet or even damage it.


Another important aspect that is worth noting is the harmful effects associated with stain removal chemicals. When working with stain removal chemicals, one needs to protect themselves by wearing gloves and goggles worn at their eyes.  There is also a need for proper ventilation when using these chemicals since their inhalation in the poorly ventilated enclosure may result in respiratory problems.

To ensure that your carpets are properly cleaned, hire a professional like Bundaberg carpert cleaning by All Seasons.

Carpet cleaning procedure

Most people use vacuum cleaners to clean and maintain their carpets.  However, to get rid of all the stains and additional dirt particles underneath,  one should consider the help of a professional cleaner. The cleaning procedure for a carpet normally takes three stages.


  1. The first stage is referred to as the pre-treatment. In this stage, the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution to make the solid materials and dust resurface. This procedure allows for easy cleaning process at the next stage.


  1. The second stage involves the actual cleaning process. The carpet is thoroughly washed whereby it regains its original impressive look. The dirt that resurfaced during the first stage is removed through various cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, cold water washing, etc.


  1. The third and last stage is neutralisation. In this stage, the residue of dirt from the second stage is removed. The carpet is then left without any remainder of dirt. It finally assumes a new look and feel that is impressive.


Benefits of having a carpet cleaned

  1. Having a carpet cleaned regularly reduces its chances of aging rapidly. This saves you money that could otherwise be used in the purchase of a new carpet.


  1. A clean carpet is less likely to contribute to poor air quality in a room. Damp carpets spoil the quality of air and may cause respiratory-related problems.


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