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When people hear of Gold Coast, Australia, the mind of many goes to pests like spiders and bugs. However, some pests aim at destroying your house and building. One way to keep your building durable, it is to keep away pests like termites that will end up destroying your timber.

What if you already have your house, how can you keep the pests away? Well, there are various companies in Gold Coast that are qualified in dealing with pest control, especially around your home. That means you don’t have to worry if your house is invested.

But there are few things you can do to keep your house free from the disturbance of these pests if you are in the Gold Coast. Let’s briefly look at some of these ways.

Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your Building

1. Keeping your patio clean

Did you know you can entertain some pests in your house by leaving your patio unkempt? A dirty patio usually results in a pest full house. You should sweep every crumb and clean any spilled liquid while dining. You will be surprised that even the smallest morsel of food will attract some ants that might end up infesting your house.

2. Change your bulbs and lighting

Did you know your white bulbs could be the reason why your house is becoming a hub for pests? You can decide to change the white bulbs and use the yellowish lighting which doesn’t attract pests much.

3. Planting certain herbs

Some herbs repel pests, and when planted around your house in a place like the Gold Coast, you can say goodbye to pests. Some herbs include Garlic and Rosemary. Other great plants include lemongrass and chive which are effective in keeping the pests off.

4. Growing certain flowers

There are certain pest-deterrent flowers like marigolds that are known to keep the pests away from your house. Most stinging pests and even mosquitoes can easily be put away by planting marigold and other flowers around your home. You can also decide to put potted flowers in the patio to keep the pests away.

5. Use simple pest repellents

You can use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to act as your repellent. You can spray on the surfaces of your patio and perimeter to ensure no pests invade your house.

Of course, there are other methods to keep the pests away and getting qualified professionals who are specialised in pest control. But what are some of the benefits of keeping pests away from your building? Let’s fast take a glimpse at that.

Benefits of Keeping your Building Pest-free

Pests can be some of the most annoying insects if they invade your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and patio. But you can easily put the pests away, which will result in the following benefits:

1. It reduces your expenses

Did you know that food eaten by pests, especially rodents, can feed more than 200 million people? Besides, some destroy your house that needs some repairs which can be costly.

2. It eliminates some illnesses

Some pests like cockroaches are vectors of some diseases. They are great contaminants of your food which eventually may cause diseases. Some spread diseases like Yellow Fever and Malaria, among others.

3. It keeps your building safe

You will be surprised by the damage caused by the termites. In the US, over $5 million worth of property is destroyed by the termites annually. That’s a huge expense.

KTS Building and Pest Inspections will gladly carry out property inspections for you, should you want to acquire a new property and find out if it is structurally safe and free from pests.

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